Truck Crashes and Fatality Facts

08 Jan
truck crashes near orlando

Truck Crashes and Fatality Facts

A constant worry of many drivers around the world is that they could be involved in a car accident at any time. With new safety regulations in place, vehicles and roadways are being made safer every year. The one constant inevitability is that accidents happen.  Many of these accidents involve big rigs and box trucks, and many of them tend to be fatal. Many of these truck crashes involve smaller vehicles in a fight that never seems fair. The unfortunate reality when this kind of accident takes place is someone, somewhere within this mess will have to pay for the damage(s) caused. If you get into an accident near Orlando, the Injury Assistance Law Firm can provide an Orlando car accident lawyer to help you or your loved ones get the settlement you need after a serious accident.


Balance of Fault


One of the first things that can come up during the investigation of an accident is trying to figure out who was at fault. It seems that more and more, distracted driving is becoming a problem. Another could be driving while tired. Delivery drivers, no matter if they drive a big rig or a smaller box truck, all work hard and sometimes it shows. Sometimes they think they can make it one more stop and they shouldn’t. This has led some companies to require drivers to stop at a certain time and stay in a motel or rest stop if their route takes too long to reduce the risk of falling asleep at the wheel. Another, more common cause of these truck related accidents is that some drivers do not know how to behave around these trucks. Following too close or riding in the blind spots of these massive trucks is easy if a driver isn’t overly focused on being seen by a truck driver.  Other causes could be outside of the drivers’ control. This could include the weather or even road construction. As anyone in central Florida can attest to, roadwork is everywhere. Any Orlando car accident lawyer could use this as a factor, if it is found that the roadwork crew could have done something differently to prevent an accident.


The Trend in Truck Crashes


Overall, the number of fatal accidents involving trucks has been on a downward trend. With advances in vehicle safety, in some cases, an accident that would have been fatal twenty years ago may not be fatal now. When recording the data from these fatal accidents, there are many elements that are taken into account, a few of these include:

o  The fatally injured person(s)

  • Large truck occupants          
  • Passenger vehicle occupants
  • Motorcyclists, bicyclists, or pedestrians

o  Truck type

  • Tractor trailer
  • Single unit (box truck)

o  Time of Day

  • Most of these fatal accidents took place between 3pm and midnight

There are too many elements recorded to list them all, but anything from blood alcohol level to the type or place of impact or whether any vehicles rolled over are all taken into account as well. The most important thing to know is that, for the most part, these fatal accidents are lowering in numbers. Most of the fatalities recorded are those in passenger vehicles involved in the accident.

Unfortunately, because so many factors between the environmental surroundings and human error can cause an accident, there’s no way to bring these numbers all the way to zero. It is our duty as drivers to do all we can to drive safely and undistracted and be mindful of our surroundings. At the end of the day, when it comes to fatal accidents, who is at fault isn’t as important as being protected. Whether they were at fault or not, a person still lost their life and a family still have a loved one who isn’t coming home. What is essential is being sure that you and your family are protected; fault or not, there will be expenses that have to be paid.


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