Where Does The Liability Fall From A Vehicle Recall Related Motor Accident

17 Oct
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Where Does The Liability Fall From A Vehicle Recall Related Motor Accident

In many cases when it comes to a car accident, it is because one of the parties involved were negligent and were at fault. But what about if it was the actual vehicle itself that was at fault and not the person driving it? Injury Assistance Law Firm is here to clear up the air and help you understand how this works. Our near Orlando auto accident attorney will guide you through the process.


What happens when the car has faulty parts or malfunctions because of something is done by the manufacturer? What if a vehicle was recalled? Who is responsible in that case? A car is a machine. It has complex pieces of machinery, therefore it is not surprising to understand why manufacturers must occasionally issue recalls. The legal system has established a simple and easy to understand precedents to guide liability issues for accidents that are related to automobile recalls.


The Two Categories of Vehicle Recalls

There are two categories when relating to automobile recalls. The first category pertains to instances where the vehicles were not under a recall order at the time of the accident. When this happens, the vehicle manufacturer is liable for any losses that are a result of the accident. This, however, does not bring much comfort to those individuals who lost loved ones due to a faulty designed car. It is an important principle that the manufacturer is responsible for selling dangerous products.


The other category is if the accident occurred after the recall order has been issued. This is when the process becomes complicated. It is best to consult with an auto accident attorney if you are in the situation. When this happens, typically it is no longer automatically the fault of the manufacturer. The argument is that the customer was responsible for the accident by not having their car repaired. However, this is not always the case. Not all hope is lost, though. The courts still have the power to rule against the car manufacturer.


The determining factor usually is time. Generally, the instance in which this is possible for the court to rule against the makers of the vehicle revolves around how long after the accident happened that the recall was issued. If the crash occurs within a short period of the time following the recall older, than the manufacturer may still be liable. Also, if the crash was caused by an additional failure that was not stated in the recall order, you have even better chances.


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