Were You A Victim of a Car Accident Due to An Auto Defect?

05 Mar
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Were You A Victim of a Car Accident Due to An Auto Defect?

As an Orlando car accident lawyer, Injury Assistance Law Firm knows that car defects are all too common. Because of this, it is critical for you for you to know the lemon laws in the state of Florida so you can be prepared to prove the defects of your new car. Injury Assistance Law Firm is a lemon law attorney with ample experience and we are prepared to help you through your case as best as we can. To learn more, contact us at Injury Assistance Law Firm in Orlando.


What Does the State of Florida Say?


The state of Florida dictates that there is legal recourse for you to take if your car is damaged upon purchase. This is even more so the case when you are dealing with a car accident as a result of a damaged car. However, there are very particular circumstances wherein the owner of the car can seek legal reparations as a result of a defected car. In order for you to make a claim against the manufacturer, the defect must be substantial enough to impair the function or value of the vehicle. It can only be a new vehicle, not a used one, and it must have occurred within twenty-four months of your purchase. You must have also attempted to repair the vehicle three times for the same issue and the vehicle must have been out of service for at least fifteen days to try to resolve the issue.

Once you have completed those three steps, you have to mail a Motor Vehicle Defect Notification to the manufacturer. The manufacturer then has ten days to respond and attempt to make a repair. If, after those ten days have passed, they have not done anything then at that point you are entitled to seek recompense.


Find a Lemon Law Attorney


Having a car accident with a defective new car puts you in a difficult position. Because the lemon law guidelines are so strict, you may not have completed all of them by the time that you have your accident. In these events, can you still litigate or do you have no other option but to accept the fact that you cannot sue? The answer to that is fairly simple: a lemon law attorney will know. A lemon law attorney will be familiar with the issues that come along with trying to prove a car is a lemon so they will be able to handle all of the minute prying that will occur when you say that you were in the process of proving your car a lemon.


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If you are looking for an Orlando car accident lawyer, contact Injury Assistance Law Firm to see how we could help you defend your case against the car manufacturer for putting your life on the line. Contact us at Injury Assistance Law Firm to learn more or visit our website to see our fields of practice.

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