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What to Do When Involved in A Car Accident  

Ensure You Remain Eligible for Compensation

Car accidents can often result in severe injuries and maybe damage to the car. When involved in a car accident, whether you are the guilty party or not, there are a few things that you are required by law to do. Insurance companies also have their policies on what you should do to ensure you qualify for compensation for your losses. Here are some of the general things. See further information here.


Stop on The Scene

Fleeing from an accident scene can quickly turn into a felony. Ensure you stay at the scene until the relevant authorities or law enforcement officers have arrived, gathered what they need, and released you. Discover facts about Types of Injuries That Require You to Hire A Personal Injury Attorney.


Call the Police

Even when there are no serious injuries, call the police. This way, you will get a police report which most insurance companies demand in order for your compensation claim to be valid.


Take Pictures

If you have a camera in your car or a cellphone equipped with a camera, take as many pictures of the accident scene as possible. From damages on the vehicle to any injuries sustained. This could come in handy when evidence is needed to support your claim.

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