Winter Haven Lawyers Fight Against Cosmetic Medical Malpractice

09 Jan
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Winter Haven Lawyers Fight Against Cosmetic Medical Malpractice

Many people are surprised to learn that a large percentage of medical malpractice lawsuits revolve around botched cosmetic surgery practices. Many assume that all medical malpractice cases involve rushed emergency room operations, dangerous drug side effects, and botched medical records.

One reason there’s so many cases involving cosmetic malpractice is because the number of men and women interested in changing their appearance is increasing. Between the years 1997 and 2010, the number of reported cosmetic surgeries in the United States increased by 110%.

There’s another reason so many people seek out the services of Winter Haven lawyers and ask them to provide guidance in cosmetic medical malpractice cases. It’s because people are lured by the promise of a cheap procedure only to have it performed in a hotel room by someone who isn’t qualified. These types of cosmetic surgeries rarely end well, and sometimes result in the wrongful death of the patient.

One group, Action Against Medical Accidents, believes that one huge problem men and women face when they decide to have cosmetic surgery is that so far there really isn’t any way for the patient to gauge the competency of the doctor who will be doing the work. They’re forced to rely on the doctor’s own opinion of themselves, and unfortunately, some aren’t at all qualified. The only requirement the doctor needs in order to promote themselves is a valid medical license. As a result, some patients think they’re dealing with an experienced surgeon, not realizing that they’re actually serving as a kind of guinea pig for the surgeon as they dabble in the world of plastic surgery. Action Against Medical Accidents fears that until a better system for evaluating cosmetic surgeons develops, there will continue to be a high number cosmetic surgery medical malpractice cases.

Don’t think that just because you elected to have the surgery done, that you don’t have any legal options available if things go wrong. You do.

If you were injured, no matter how severely, during cosmetic surgery, you owe it to yourself to seek the guidance of a good Winter Haven lawyer. They’ll help you understand your legal rights and provide valuable legal assistance. Not only will you be helping yourself, you might also prevent someone else from suffering as you’ve suffered.

It’s in your best interest to align yourself with a Winter Haven attorney as soon as possible. Not only do you want to avoid running afoul of statute of limitations, but your attorney needs to investigate the case, something that’s easier to do when the facts are fresh in the memory of witnesses. The more information your lawyer collects, the greater the odds that the defendants insurance company will offer a large settlement during the negotiation stage, saving you and your witness from having to appear in court.

Your attorney does more than simply files paperwork and disperse legal advice. They take over all legal matters connected to your cosmetic surgery case, allowing you to relax and focus all of your attention on healing and rebuilding your life.

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