Life Altering, Catastrophic Injury? Contact a Winter Haven Personal Injury Lawyer

06 Nov
Attorney Michael Mills

Life Altering, Catastrophic Injury? Contact a Winter Haven Personal Injury Lawyer

Life Altering, Catastrophic Injury? Contact a Winter Haven Personal Injury Lawyer

It’s widely accepted that the basis of a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit is that the injuries were the direct result of someone else’s actions. Examples of this include slipping because a shop owner failed to set a wet floor sign out, being struck by a drunk driver, or developing complications as the result of a medical mistake. Another type of personal injury law many people aren’t familiar with is catastrophic injury.

The Nature of Catastrophic Injuries

A Winter Haven personal injury lawyer knows that one of the challenges they face is that the legal system hasn’t recognized a strict definition for catastrophic injuries. However, law books are full of examples of people who suffered severe injuries that resulted in permanent, life-altering maiming and/or disability. Not only do these types of injuries require the plaintiff undergoing a wide range of medical procedures, but also change their quality of life and ability to work forever. In many cases, the plaintiff required extensive medical treatment for the rest of their life.

Examples of cases that can be classified as catastrophic injuries include a child that suffers from severe brain damage during birth. Not only did her injuries require multiple surgeries, but they’ll need round the clock medical care as well as special equipment for the rest of their lives. The parents and their Winter Haven personal injury lawyer would pursue a settlement that would ensure that all of the child’s costs would be handled for the rest of their life.

Another example would be a middle aged father with school aged children who is disabled in a drunk driving incident. Not only do his injuries make it impossible for him to work, they also mean he’ll need medical assistance for the rest of his life. In this case, a Winter Haven personal injury lawyer would work with the drunk driver’s insurance company to cover current and future medical bills, ensure the man had enough money to live the rest of his life, and that future wages were still paid to him, at least until his children come of age are capable of supporting themselves.

How a Winter Haven Personal Injury Lawyer Handles a Catastrophic Injury Case

In most personal injury cases, the plaintiff seeks a settlement that covers their medical bills, lost wages, as well as some emotional compensation. The idea being that the settlement helps them reestablish their life following their accident. When dealing with a catastrophic injury case, the personal injury lawyer has to look towards the future and predict how their client’s future medical bills and life expenses will be and then they seek a large settlement from the defendant.

Determining an appropriate settlement represents just one challenge the lawyer faces. They also must prepare an argument that deals with more facts, statistics, and projected life costs than a regular personal injury case requires. This is why it’s so important for anyone dealing with extensive injuries to seek the guidance of an attorney that has a great deal of experience with this type of cases.

The best thing you can do for yourself or a loved one after suffering catastrophic injuries is contacting a Winter Haven personal injury lawyer right away.


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