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When property damage strikes, the use of a trustworthy property damage attorney is crucial in terms of being able to pursue damages that you may have a right to collect. Often a property damage attorney is one that will confront insurance companies and pursue a settlement that a property owner is entitled to. Such scenarios often occur as a result of a natural disaster such as a tornado, earthquake, or hurricane, and are one of the chief reasons that people carry insurance in the first place.

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If you have sustained damages through someone else’s actions or negligence and your insurance company has you backed into a corner, call the Injury Assistance Law Firm today! Get assistance from a property damage attorney to find out your rights and how we can help you receive the compensation you deserve. Contact us today.

Understanding The Process

Within the property damage world, the matter of determining liability is the first step in determining which direction to take a given case. This means establishing who is at fault regarding a given property damage claim and then establishing jurisdiction and subsequently bringing a suit against the individual or organization in question. Being able to establish these goals early on is the mark of an effective and competent property damage attorney.

What Is The Goal When Pursuing A Property Damage Claim?

The simple answer with regard to the goal of a plaintiff is often receiving any money they are owed, but where the law is concerned there are various factors to consider. Liability was just touched upon, but if the damage was not done by a natural disaster and was instead done by a third party, then the issue of liability can become more complicated. If a person drove into another person’s home for instance and caused property damage, then parties who might be liable for repairing the damage could include the homeowner’s insurance company, the driver of the vehicle, and the driver’s insurance company. Inevitably, cases may arise where the driver had no coverage, in which case the driver is still liable but may be unable to pay…in which case responsibility falls upon the homeowner’s insurance provider.

Auto Damages

Sometimes we can take every reasonable safety precaution and still sustain damages due to another driver’s reckless or negligent behavior. The amount of recovery for any automotive damage may be established by evidence of replacement value, cost of repairs or loss of use until repaired or replaced. We understand that your time is important and we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Insurance Companies And Their Hesitance to Pay

While insurance companies are great institutions in theory, there remains a lot of gray areas right up until a given policyholder needs to collect on a claim. This is when a property damage attorney can be crucial because they can convey a sense of reality upon a given insurance company and make sure that they are held to a given standard. This standard may be something that the insurance company does not agree with and may want to go to court over, and this is where negotiations come into play and an insurance company’s attorney and the plaintiff’s attorney will seek out a mutually-beneficial settlement. In cases where property damage is clearly defined in terms of monetary value, this can be an easy number to calculate, but when adjacent concerns are involved it may not be.

Adjacent Concerns In The Realm Of Property Damage

If the damaged property in question is not a house, but instead a business and that business is forced to close, then there is an issue of lost potential revenue which must also be taken into account. Lost revenue and the loss of use of a given piece of property are both potentially wide-sweeping and complex matters that an Orlando Property Damage Attorney and their client may need to discuss at length. A relatively simple business may have simple revenue losses in terms of quantifying, but others may have partnerships or business obligations that they are unable to make good on as a result of loss of use. In such scenarios, property damage becomes an issue that needs to be evaluated and negotiated in light of applicable laws.

How to Prepare

Most plaintiffs are not lawyers and have only a basic understanding of the law, however, there are a couple things they can do to give themself the best possible chance for a successful outcome in a property damage suit. Keeping accurate records, taking photos, calling the police, gathering information from the person who caused the damage, and remaining calm are all important. Knowing what one’s out-of-pocket or ‘pain threshold’ is in terms of waiting for settlement money is also important, as it allows a given plaintiff to be able to give their lawyer and the justice system the time it needs to work.