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Unfortunately, most drivers are involved in an auto accident at some point in their lives. However, not everyone knows how to handle the situation when they are faced with one. Failure to take all the necessary precautions may harm your chances of receiving full compensation for the damages. So, if you are involved in a Florida car accident and want to receive the maximum damages, you must follow these simple steps below:

  • Do NOT Leave
    Although you may be on your way to a very important meeting, you must stay at the scene of the collision—especially if anyone got injured. If you leave before properly handling the accident, you may be faced with criminal charges.
  • Seek Medical Attention and Check for Injuries
    According to Florida’s Personal Injury Protection, all drivers are mandated to carry insurance covering injuries acquired in car accidents, regardless of who may be at fault. You will need to report any injuries within two weeks of the accident, or you may not be able to receive benefits. Lastly, do not neglect your health. Although you may not detect any injuries initially, it is essential that you seek medical attention as soon as you can.
  • Report the Car Accident
    Like many other states, Florida crashes that caused severe injuries or property damage must be reported to law enforcement. You may be required to file a report if the investigating officer fails to do so. Filing a report may be completed in writing or online.
  • Exchange Contact Information with All Parties Involved
    You should exchange your contact information with anyone involved in the crash. In doing so, you should include your phone number, address, and any other relevant contact information (e.g., car insurance). Other than this exchange, be careful not to interact too much. More specifically, do not apologize or say anything that can be misinterpreted as an admission of guilt.
  • Seek Witnesses’ Contact Information
    After you have exchanged contact information with anyone involved in the accident, you should try to speak to any witnesses who saw the accident occur (e.g., pedestrians, passengers from other vehicles). Take down their contact information as they could potentially provide useful insight into the case.
  • Document by Taking Pictures & Videos
    Pictures are valuable as they can reveal the driver’s negligence. Remember that the sooner the photos are taken, the more accurate they will depict the collision scene. So, avoid only taking pictures of the damages. Instead, you should also take photos of the entire scene, any injuries acquired, and anything else that may strengthen the case.
  • Speak with Your Insurance Provider
    Make sure to give an honest recount of the car accident to your insurance provider. It is essential to do so without apologizing or making the accident seem simpler than it was. However, do not provide any formal statements without first discussing your case with a trusted attorney.
  • Stay Off Social Media
    Until your case has been resolved, avoid posting any pictures or saying anything about the accident on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter. This documentation may potentially be used against you.
  • Monitor Your Body and Injuries
    Some people do not feel the extent of the injuries they incurred in the accident until days later. Taking note of any symptoms you may be experiencing may prove valuable later on.
  • Pursue Legal Counsel
    Get in touch with a qualified, experienced attorney as soon as you can. This is especially true if anyone involved acquired any injuries during the accident. Your attorney will make sure to create the strongest case so that you can receive fair compensation.

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