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17 Nov

Frequently Asked Questions for Construction Accidents in Florida

If you or anyone you know has recently been injured in a construction accident, you may have questions and concerns about how you can receive compensation for damages and what you might need to prove to do so. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding construction accidents and personal injury claims below.

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Why are construction accidents so common?

Because construction work is inherently dangerous, it is no surprise that accidents happen as frequently as they do. Construction workers are expected to handle heavy materials and dangerous equipment to repair, rebuild, and construct entire structures. If they are working on tall buildings, workers may also be asked to climb extreme heights. In addition to these already hazardous conditions, those in construction often deal with electricity and welding, common sources for construction workers' injuries. However, most accidents occur due to the lack of proper safety equipment supplied to the workers, dangerous work environments or conditions, and even a lack of adequate training.

Who is liable for a construction accident?

Various parties may have contributed to the construction accident itself, and therefore, different people may be held liable. The first person responsible for the accident would be the employer or site supervisor, as they are directly responsible for maintaining safe work conditions for their employees. Because of the frequency of occurrences, employers are often provided coverage from workers’ compensation insurance. This coverage, essentially, provides compensation to any injured workers, while also protecting them from hefty lawsuits. If another employee's negligence (or carelessness) caused or contributed to the accident, it would also be covered by workers’ compensation. Like manufacturing companies, other parties may also be held liable for any injuries caused by negligence if their construction equipment or material were not safe for use.

Will I be able to receive compensation for my injuries?

Yes, you will be able to get compensation for your injuries. Construction workers are entitled to fair compensation for any injuries endured at work, no matter whose fault. Every construction employer must have accessible workers' compensation insurance for all their employees if they become injured. Workers' compensation is distributed to any construction worker who becomes injured at work. This compensation would include a certain amount for damages caused by medical expenses and money for any lost wages.

What are my other options?

While workers’ compensation is not your only option, it does restrict any injured employees from suing their employer. However, if a third party is involved, you may be able to file a new claim. Because many construction accidents are caused by material defects, equipment malfunctions, and falsely marked electrical wires, the manufacturing company or the offsite utility company may be held responsible for your injuries. Depending on the case, you may be able to receive compensation for their negligence.

I was walking by a construction site when I got injured. What are my options?

Because you are a bystander and not a construction worker, you have the right to hold the property owner accountable for your injuries. The best thing to do would be to contact a personal injury attorney. They will be able to determine whether you can pursue a personal injury claim or a premises liability. A personal injury attorney will also be able to identify the party at fault for your accident.

What is an expert witness? Why do I need one for my case?

An expert witness is a person that contributes to a personal injury claim by providing specialized insight to the case. This insight can include a perspective on the standards, expectations, and requirements set for professionals when maintaining safe work environments. It is crucial to have a safety expert testify in construction accident claims to authenticate the fact that the safety requirements were not met. They can also determine whether the injured person could have reasonably prevented their own injuries.

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